Our hope is to contribute to the development of the Japanese economy, the Asian economy, and furthermore to the development of the global economy and humankind, to become a hub of economic activity, and moreover, to contribute to building a more sound economic base by making full use of the strong points that Japan has had since ancient times, actively incorporating excellent things from all over the world and contributing to building a better society founded on the “sincere spirit” that is at the center of our core values.

Kose Accounting Corporation Code of Conduct
  • (1) Perform business in good faith.
  • (2) Maintain a fair and unbiased attitude and independence.
  • (3) Provide high quality service.
  • (4) Maintain dignity.
  • (5) Ensure complete confidentiality.
  • (6) Comply with laws and regulations.
  • (7) Ensure each person has their own opinion and is able to engage calmly and logically in necessary opinion exchanges.
  • (8) Contribute to society.