Kose Accounting Corporation is registered in the register of listed company audit offices of the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants. We accurately evaluate particular risks inherent in the organization using a risk-based approach, and assess internal control. We conduct efficient and effective audits in line with the risk level and increase the trustworthiness of our clients.
In addition, we provide wide-ranging guarantee services that lend credibility to the various kinds of information transmitted by the clients, and contribute to lasting development.

Statutory Audits
  • Audit for Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
  • Audit for Companies Act
  • Audit of Shinkin Bank and Credit Cooperatives
  • Audit of School Corporations
  • Audit of Independent Administrative Institutions and National University Corporations
  • Audit of Labor Unions
  • Audit for Political Party Subsidy Law
  • Audit of Local Governments etc.
  • Audit of Charitable Organizations, Healthcare corporations, Social Welfare Corporations etc.
Voluntary Audits
  • Audit for IPO Preparation
  • Audit of Financial Statements for Non-Statutory Purposes
  • Audit of English Language Financial Statements
  • Audit of Religious Corporations etc.